Friday, 2 November 2012

Finally The Cape

The inspiration for this cape was the cape of Red Riding Hood. I wanted one for a very long time! I've finished this project a while ago but didn't find the time to make a picture of it. I'm not a person who likes to be in pictures so I kept delaying the picture moment of this Cape.But a few days ago I got my knew best sewing-buddy 'Claudette.

This cape is one of my most frequent worn self-made garments! I'm totally in love with it. But have no illusions! It's also the most unpractical garment, try carrying a shoulderbag!

This cape is based on the burda pattern # 132 (08/2012) For this cape I used a cheap wool velvet (80% wool, 20% polyester) I've found on

 The buttons I bought at Veritas. They where very expensive! 3,25 euro à piece!


My machine embroidery stitching went very well (to bad I couldn't take a clear picture of it) I'm quite proud of it!
Above you can see the detail of the armholes. I didn't make the paspel armholes as in the orignal design, but instead I opted for armholes in the side seams. I did this because of practical considerations. Armholes in front of the cape would make it even worse to carry a purse!
I can proudly say that the inside of my cape is as beautiful as the outside! I love this lining fabric! You can buy it in different colours (again on, search for Futter Jacquard Paisley)

This cape wasn't difficult to make and lots of fun! I recommend this pattern!

Ps: beneath the cape Claudette is wearing my self-made skirt based on the burda pattern #111a (08/2012)