Monday, 15 October 2012

New Patterns = Fabric shopping

A few days ago, a colleague of mine recommended the magazine Burda Classics. So I ran to the news-stand to get me a copy. There are some fabulous patterns in this edition of Burda! The cover pattern is my favourite!

In this edition of burda you can find some patterns that are based on famous designers. The cover pattern is based on a design of Christian Dior, but there is also a pattern for the famous suit of Coco Chanel. This edition doesn't include much different patterns (there are a lot of variations), but you get value for your money! (one individuel pattern costs between €5 and €8, the magazine costs 5,75 euro)

Two weeks ago I went to my favourite flee-market in town and bought a fabulous fur collar to attach to a coat. But what do you do with a collar without a coat! This is the perfect excuse to make me one :) So I went pattern-shopping. It wasn't easy to find a pattern I love and one which would match the collar. Finally I found one in the Burda (AGAIN!) Catalogue. Yesterday it arrived and I love it.

With two new projects on my to-do list, I need to do some fabric shopping! Because I just found a new job (as a substitute teacher) I'm low on budgets so I'll have to choose which one to make! AAARgggh! That decision will be made in the fabrics store tomorrow! I'll go to Maison Dorée in Hasselt, but maybe also to Efril in Hasselt or to Stoff in Alken.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My Sewing Box

I love antique furniture! During one of my trips to the local flee-market I found this lovely antique sewing box. When I bought it it was in a horrible state! Sticky everywhere though it looked good.

I cleaned this beauty with some water, brown soap and a sponge. See below for the before and after picture.
Shocking isn't it?! The sellers put so much wax on it, it opened difficult. After washing the sewing box you could see there had been made some reparations to the box (new screws, some glue to one of the legs,...). I polished it with some sandpaper. Then I painted it with varnish for floors (two layers) and painted the insides white. I think the end result is quite fabulous!

Some tips buying antiques (things I've learned).
  • Don't let looks deceive you (it looked really good with wax, without the wax you could see the reparations)
  • Always look on the inside of the box! (there where screws sticking out inside)
  • Test the stability of the legs
  • Never buy something that is painted (you can't see the wood that way!)
  • If you want to polish the wood with sandpaper always check if it's solid wood!
Good luck hunting antiques!


In July I found a great tutorial on how to make a super cute clutch (I use it as wallet) on How about Orange (watch my post about this tutorial for more information To put away all that cash!)

In my town there is a fabrics store that is not quite in business any more but still sells some old fashioned top quality fabrics. The owner of the shop gave me a sample book with all kinds of fabrics. Out of these fabrics I made myself, my mother and my sister an adorable clutch based on the tutorial on How About Orange

Beneath you can find some pictures of the result.

The corners are not that beautiful, but that's because I've made the clutch out of fabric to cover seats. This fabric is quite thick. The ribbon's on the clutch are vintage. These used to be decorations on old curtains of my grandmother.

This clutch is an ideal beginners project! This way you learn to attach zippers.

The clutch is very practical, everything fits in to it (all your credit-cards for example :)) U use a very small purse for change. I even put my keys and cellphone into it!

Have fun making these! I tell you, once you start you'll end up making these for every women in your family!

Christmas Dress

I'm ALREADY working on my Christmas Dress! I know it's a little bit early but I coudn't wait to test this fabulous pattern and work with the beautiful fabric I've bought a few weeks ago in a fabricsshop nearby (those are very rare in Zuid-Limburg). The pattern I'm using is one of Burda. The long sleeve seamed Dress 08/2012 #121.
 I considered using a red wool, but in the shop I fell in love with a grey wool. I'll use blue lining for this dress. I love contrast colours in dresses! The give an instant glam to a dress.
The original design of this dress is for women of 1.76 meters. I'm a petite of 1.60 meters so I needed to make some adjustments to the bodice and the length of the dress. Because this is the first time I'll be making some major adjustments to a pattern (I'm a novice so yess these adjustments are major to me :)). To practice this I bought a cheap (but fabulous) fabric on the market for 3 euro per meter. With this fabric I'll be making the sleevless version of the dress.

The adjustments to the length of the dress are not the only ones I've made. I've made some adjustments to the collar too. The lining would be showing a little bit at the collar in the original pattern. So I've redrawn the pattern.

The fabric I'm testing my redesigned pattern with is a 100% polyester. It's very slippery. This makes it very difficult to match the seams.

Tips for adjusting the bodice and the length of the skirt will follow (with pictures).

I'll post some more about this dress soon. At the moment this project is not yet finished!

Monday, 8 October 2012


Because I love fall and it's colors I've redecorated my Blog! TADAAA! Love it!

Soon i'll make new posts about all the garments I've made but not yet posted! I'm also working on a new dress (my Christmas dress)! So stay in touch!

I've made some huge chances to my sewing workplace! (I now have one :)). I cleaned out the garage and now I have a sewing place of my own.

Grandma's Generosity

I really love vintage jewellery. Occasionally I go on a Vintage Hunt to the flee-market in town. A few weeks ago I bought a fabulous silver brouch for only 8 Euro.

My love for vintage jewellery is not something new. When I was a little girl I've spent a lot of time admiring my grandmothers jewellery. Lots of this jewellery was in our family for some decades. My grandmother was always very reluctant on handing down those family pieces , but finally she has donated me my favourite pieces of jewellery! I'm so happy with them and wear them all the time! They are my precious! Beneath you can find some history on each piece of jewellery.

The salamander

This brooch used to belong to the maid that worked in the house of my great-grandparents. She was friends with my grandmother and gave it as a gift to her when my grandmother was a girl. My grandmother never wore, but kept it as a reminder to this women.

 The earrings and the golden brooch
















 These earrings and the brooch belonged to my grandmother's aunt (Tant An). She was the wife of my great-grandfather's brother. She used to own a lot of beautiful jewellery, furniture and clothes. Her belongings where divided between my grandmother and her sister. 

Monday, 1 October 2012

What a mess!

It's been a while since my last post, but september has been such a turbelent month.

The first two weeks of september I've worked in an orchard to collect the harvest. Then my mother has had an operation. Since then I've been running the household. This leads to the fact that I had very little time to apply for a job or to work on projects.

During september I've completed one project, my favourite so far. The cape form Burda I've posted about some while ago.

Pictures of the result will follow.