Friday, 2 November 2012

A summer project from long ago

Some time ago I made this lovely shirt and didn't post about it (a shame!). But finally I managed to take some pictures so I can share this fabulous shirt with all of you. I fell in love with the print and bought it without knowing what to make out of it. Finally I decided to make the summer shirt out of Knipmode 07/2012. (I bought the fabric on

I redesigned the collar to make it a Claudine collar (or Peter-Pan collar) instead of a pointy one.
I loved the cuffs of this design a lot!

This shirt was very easy and very fun to make! I'm still totally in love with the design of the fabric.
This project was my first shirt I've made, also my first buttonholes (I made this two months ago).
The original design was made of one kind of fabric. But I wanted a shirt with some white details. It gives this shirt that little something extra!

When I was wearing this shirt to work I inspired one of my colleagues to take up sewing! That was the best compliment I could get!
A Crafty Soiree

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