Tuesday, 9 October 2012


In July I found a great tutorial on how to make a super cute clutch (I use it as wallet) on How about Orange (watch my post about this tutorial for more information To put away all that cash!)

In my town there is a fabrics store that is not quite in business any more but still sells some old fashioned top quality fabrics. The owner of the shop gave me a sample book with all kinds of fabrics. Out of these fabrics I made myself, my mother and my sister an adorable clutch based on the tutorial on How About Orange

Beneath you can find some pictures of the result.

The corners are not that beautiful, but that's because I've made the clutch out of fabric to cover seats. This fabric is quite thick. The ribbon's on the clutch are vintage. These used to be decorations on old curtains of my grandmother.

This clutch is an ideal beginners project! This way you learn to attach zippers.

The clutch is very practical, everything fits in to it (all your credit-cards for example :)) U use a very small purse for change. I even put my keys and cellphone into it!

Have fun making these! I tell you, once you start you'll end up making these for every women in your family!

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