Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Christmas Dress

I'm ALREADY working on my Christmas Dress! I know it's a little bit early but I coudn't wait to test this fabulous pattern and work with the beautiful fabric I've bought a few weeks ago in a fabricsshop nearby (those are very rare in Zuid-Limburg). The pattern I'm using is one of Burda. The long sleeve seamed Dress 08/2012 #121.
 I considered using a red wool, but in the shop I fell in love with a grey wool. I'll use blue lining for this dress. I love contrast colours in dresses! The give an instant glam to a dress.
The original design of this dress is for women of 1.76 meters. I'm a petite of 1.60 meters so I needed to make some adjustments to the bodice and the length of the dress. Because this is the first time I'll be making some major adjustments to a pattern (I'm a novice so yess these adjustments are major to me :)). To practice this I bought a cheap (but fabulous) fabric on the market for 3 euro per meter. With this fabric I'll be making the sleevless version of the dress.

The adjustments to the length of the dress are not the only ones I've made. I've made some adjustments to the collar too. The lining would be showing a little bit at the collar in the original pattern. So I've redrawn the pattern.

The fabric I'm testing my redesigned pattern with is a 100% polyester. It's very slippery. This makes it very difficult to match the seams.

Tips for adjusting the bodice and the length of the skirt will follow (with pictures).

I'll post some more about this dress soon. At the moment this project is not yet finished!

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