Monday, 8 October 2012

Grandma's Generosity

I really love vintage jewellery. Occasionally I go on a Vintage Hunt to the flee-market in town. A few weeks ago I bought a fabulous silver brouch for only 8 Euro.

My love for vintage jewellery is not something new. When I was a little girl I've spent a lot of time admiring my grandmothers jewellery. Lots of this jewellery was in our family for some decades. My grandmother was always very reluctant on handing down those family pieces , but finally she has donated me my favourite pieces of jewellery! I'm so happy with them and wear them all the time! They are my precious! Beneath you can find some history on each piece of jewellery.

The salamander

This brooch used to belong to the maid that worked in the house of my great-grandparents. She was friends with my grandmother and gave it as a gift to her when my grandmother was a girl. My grandmother never wore, but kept it as a reminder to this women.

 The earrings and the golden brooch
















 These earrings and the brooch belonged to my grandmother's aunt (Tant An). She was the wife of my great-grandfather's brother. She used to own a lot of beautiful jewellery, furniture and clothes. Her belongings where divided between my grandmother and her sister. 

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